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ZenFlex™ Your #1 Yoga Essential

The shape of the Curved Yoga Training Ring was specifically designed to assist any yoga newcomer in becoming a master all by themselves! Perform several different yoga poses with the assistance of ZenFlex™ and you’ll feel a great stretch that eases the mind and body.




☯️ Foot/Calf Massage

One step forward and step on the yoga ring, press down ring to relax the foot; place the convex side of the yoga ring up, naturally straighten your legs, let the calves touch the concave surface, swing to relax your legs

☯️ Pelvic&Waist Massage

Put a convex yoga ring on the waist, and put a concave ring on the buttocks, lift the leg - down the legs to relax the pelvis and lumbar

☯️ Shoulder Massage

Place the yoga ring under the armpit, with the concave side facing up, swinging the body to the left and right to massage the shoulder

☯️ Abdominal Massage

Straighten your feet, and place the concave surface of the ring below your abdomen. Swing your body to the left and right and use your own weight to massage your abdominal muscles

☯️ Back Massage

Put 2 yoga rings in vertical contact with the shoulder blades to the waist, convex face-up, open your arms - lift up- fall backward, repeat actions in order

☯️ Head&Neck Massage

The head touches the convex surface of the yoga ring, swinging left and right to relax the head; hold the sides of the yoga ring and press down slightly, head down - head up, repeat the movements in order to massage the neck

☯️ Back Shaping

Stretch your arms backward, and put your palms into the yoga ring until the wrist and ring touch stop, palms facing outward, and tighten the back shoulder blades, slowly stretching your neck to the left or right


♥ If you feel too much pressure, you can put a towel as a cushion
♥ When exercising, it is recommended to cooperate with breathing
♥ Please check the size of the item carefully before buying, thank you!

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